Umbra Vita Gemmis (Latin for Darkness Life Gems) is a series of 3 spell books bound in human skin. Originally the 3 books were sealed in different temples, and were taken by 3 different familes. Unum Umbra Vita Gemmis was taken by the Nakamura family, Duo Umbra Vita Gemmis was taken by the Hataruke family and Tres Umbra Vita Gemmis was taken by an unknown family. After Death and Kizaru's fight, however, all of the books were given to Kizaru.

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Besides being somewhat disgusting, the abilities stay close to it's name. The books allow you to do spells based off of Darkness, Life, and Gems (most notably rubies and gold).

Anything summoned by the 3 books are temporary and will only live for so long until disappearing. The only exception is scythes, which can last forever unless another spell is used. Then it'll randomly vanish in at least 5 minutes.

Book 1 (Unum Umbra Vita Gemmis):

Summon scythes made of darkness, create small to large forcefields of darkness, summon small to large creatures such as golems, and summon gems.

Book 2 (Duo Umbra Vita Gemmis):

Summon scythes made of precious metals and materials or organic matter, create small to large walls of precious metals, summon small to large creatures such as golems out of darkness or precious metals/materials, and summon replicas of precious metals made of darkness or organic matter.

Book 3 (Tres Umbra Vita Gemmis):

Summon a small to large golem or dragon made of darkness and/or precious metals/materials, Summon a small to large wall of organic matter and precious metals/material combined, Summon a scythe made of organic matter and/or precious metals/materials, Summon replicas of precious metals/materials out of organic matter and/or darkness.

Book 3 is thought to be the most powerful of all due to it's wider range of possibilities, but really all the books do the same thing, just a different way of doing it.

Holders of the booksEdit

Unum - Hataruke Kizaru

Duo - Hataruke Kizaru

Tres - Hataruke Kizaru

Old holders:

Unum - An old wizard guy (Died with it), Hataruke Kizaru (Took it from his corpse), Akari (Stole it from Kizaru), Ami Nakamura (Unknown how she got it,  presumed to have taken it after Akari's death), Shared by the Nakamura family, most notably the elders. (Taken by Death), Death (Given to Kizaru)

Duo - Akari (Tooken by Kizaru after her death, and it's return to the temple)

Tres - Unknown. Presumed to be by an archeologist (Taken by Death), Death (Given to Kizaru)

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